God of All Breakthrough


1). Intense Praise and Worship.

2). Thank the Lord for all His Goodness and Mercy, loving kindness and grace received in the past months.

3). Pray for Mercy and pardon for any unwillingness to do His will and walk in His ways.

4). My Father, arise and send my divine helper to locate me now, in Jesus name.

5). Father, favour me before those that matter for my breakthrough in Jesus name. Gen. 41:9-13

6). Father, You favoured the Israelites and they received wages of over 400 years of labour in one night, please restore to me all overdue unrewarded labour and inheritance in Jesus name. Ex. 12:36, Ex. 11:2-3

7). Father, please help me not to finish my race in the camp of unbelievers, in Jesus name. Judges 16:30

8). Father, help our sons and daughters not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly, grant them grace to delight in You all the days of their lives in Jesus name. Psalms 1:1

9). Father, disciple our children (youth, teens and children), let Your peace abound in them and make them success stories In Jesus name. Isaiah 54:13

10). Father, make Your Word in the mouth of my Pastor like a flaming sword, grant him the grace of utterance to always declare all Your counsel in Jesus name. Hebrews 4:12

11). My Father, please open all doors shut against the ministry of my Pastor, let Your grace locate and promote him in Jesus name. 1Cor. 16:9

12). Father, by Mercy, please visit the body of Christ, let Your fire consume every selfish, deceitful and manipulative spirit, let Your truth and righteousness reign and Your light shine forth in the midst of Your people in Jesus name. 2Timothy 3.

13). I decree the end of every wickedness, confused state and season in our Nations. I declare the season of peace, economic and social growth upon our nations in Jesus name.

14). Thank You Lord for hearing and answering my prayers, in Jesus name.