The Covenant Keeper

1). Intense Praise and Worship.

2). Thank God for past blessings and His promises.

3). Ask God for mercy, and to grant you grace to be closer to Him more than ever before.

4). O Lord, remember me, show me your mercy and pour Your favour upon me. IJN. Gen. 8:1

5). Father, help me never to lose faith in You and in Your promises, let me not be despaired. 11Cor. 4:8

6). Father if I have been disconnected from my ordained destiny, please reconnect me today in Jesus name.

7). Father, displace, remove and destroy every giant occupying my promised land in Jesus name. Joshua 14:11-12

8). Father, let there be a reawakening of passion for Your Word and growth in righteousness in The Body of Christ in Jesus name.

9). Holy Spirit, break the power and charms of the world, which blinds the eyes of the brethren and leaders, please generate the will and power to live in the world and not of the world in the heart of men in Jesus name. John 17:14

10). Father, grant to our children, teens and young adult the wisdom and grace not to follow the crowd to do evil, help them not to be men pleasers but to stand upon Your truth always in Jesus name. Exodus 23:2 , Isaiah 52:11

– Bless them with excellent spirit to excel in all their endeavour in Jesus name. Daniel 5:12

12). Father, confirm Your Word in the ministry of my Pastor by both signs and wonders and diverse miracles to Your glory alone in Jesus name. Hebrews 2:4

13). Father send divine helpers to my Pastor and please encourage him always with Your Presence in Jesus name.

14). Father, by Your mercy, please Lord let news and stories of robberies, vandalism, gangsterism and crime come to an end in our Nations ( mention the name of your nation ). In the mighty name of Jesus.

– Lord, let our streets be free and safe from cruelty and violence in Jesus name. Isaiah 60:18

15). Thank The Lord for answering your prayers.