Prayer Points for October 2019

1). Praise and Worship
2). Worship the Lord in the beauty of His Holiness. Magnify the King
of Glory. Bless His holy name. Exalt Him in His glorious sanctuary.
Praise the omnipotent Lord.
3). Lord I come into You Presence with thanksgiving. Thank You Lord
for Your loving kindness over me and all mine in months past. Thank
You Lord for Your mercy which has kept me till present time. Accept my
thanksgiving O Lord in Jesus name. Ps. 100:4
4).Father, please pardon all my iniquities and cleanse from all my
guilt.  Restore me in Your mercy and make my spirit strong again, in
Jesus name. Ps. 51:5-12.
5). Father, You created me for a purpose, with great potential inside
of me, please Lord help me, don’t let the grave profit with my great
potentials in Jesus name. 2Tim.1:6
6). Heavenly Lord, joy, strength and glory are in Your Presence only,
help me Lord not to stray from Your Presence in Jesus name.
7). Father, help me have living, strong and ever growing FAITH in You
in Jesus name.
8). O Lord, please grant our children, teens and youth deeper
revelation and knowledge of You. Help them live victorious lives
through Your Word. Fight all their battles for them in Jesus name.
9). Father, help my Pastor, stand by him, and encourage him. Grant him
grace for more insight into your truth, and help him devote more of
his time to prayer and teaching of the Word. Acts 6:4
10). Father, have mercy on Your people, arise and intervene in the
situation of our nations and heal our land in Jesus name. 2Chron. 7:14
11). Your Personal request.
12). Thank You Lord for answering my prayers