Prayer points for September 2019


1). Intensive Praise and Worship.

2). Worship His Majesty, Worship the Omnipotent God, adore and reverence Him.

3). Appreciate The Life Giver, Giver of all good things and The wonder working God. Thank Him for redeeming your soul from destruction and satisfying you with His wonders and miracles, thank Him, who is the covenant keeper, through the past months. Psalms 103:5.

4). Pray for Mercy and forgiveness for past wrongs and dealings. Ask for grace to always walk according to Hiss will and with pure heart, in Jesus name. Ps 24:3-4.

5). Father destroy every Amalekites standing to disrupt my journey in life, my children’s journey, my husband’s journey and ministry’s fulfilment in Jesus name. Exodus 17:16

6). I decree and declare that, I and my household shall not lack, neither will our pot of oil ever dry in Jesus name. 1Kings 17:16

7). I confess my body is the temple of God and The Holy Spirit dwells in me, therefore, I declare my body a no-no for any disease

My husband’s/wife’s body a no-no for any disease My Children’s body a no-no for any disease in Jesus name. 1Corinthians 3:16

8). It is written “Any plant which my heavenly father has not planted will be uprooted”, I therefore uproot from life, family, career, business and my nation – every plantation of Sickness, poverty, shame, sorrow, failure, fruitlessness – in Jesus name. Matthew 15:13

9). Father, make me, my family and ministry fruitful according to Your words. Let the Grace and favour for fruitfulness overshadow our lives in Jesus name. Genesis 9:7, 2Corinthians 12:9.

10). Father, rebuke every form of devourer from my life, family and ministry. In Jesus name. Malachi 3:11

11). Father, send revival through TJOAS, into our land in Jesus name.

12). Father, bless the ministry of my Pastor, send ministry helpers to him, confirm Your word through his ministry by signs and wonders in Jesus name.

13). Father, raise the Jonahs that will bring the message of repentance and let there be the Nineveh’s kind of repentance in our nations, also raise the Nehemiahs for our nations that will arise and rebuild the broken down wall of righteousness in Jesus name.

14). Thank You Lord for answering my prayers in Jesus name